Where To Get A Mailing List For Free...

Looking For A Mailing List, But Not Sure Where To Get One?

These three Email Marketing providers are the best out there. You can get a free trial with all of them.  

30 Days Free Mailing List Providers

aweber email marketing affiliate marketing tool

Aweber is the number one reliable, easy to use service. You can build huge lists with this awsome provider. 

Aweber also currently offer a 30 day free trial.

Aweber has the best open rates across the email list provider market. It is the most used among professionals.

Aweber has the best open rates, but you cannot build high converting landing pages with their service. 

Free Mailing list from getresponse email marketing provider

#1 Email Marketing Provider

The best all in one email marketing tool, its great for new marketers and experienced ones. Easily build landing pages and big lists using GetResponses Amazing Features

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Why You Need A Mailing List...

A mailing list gives business owners a direct connection with their customers. This is the easiest way to keep them up to date with the business’s products and services. Customers opt in to join a mailing list, so the members of your list have actively chosen to receive communications from you. 

You own your list. A huge amount of content, including sales & marketing channels, are hosted by 3rd parties. From social media to hosted e-commerce solutions, you may not own the online property you’re using to run various aspects of your business. This is called digital sharecropping. A mailing list allows you to keep your connection with customers. If one or more of your digital marketing platforms go down or is compromised, you can reach into your customer base. 

Mailing lists are perfect for promoting and strengthening your brand. You can use a mailing list to send newsletters to subscribers, using iconography and language that reflects your brand while promoting your products and services. 

Target demographic: Because the people on your list have opted in and expressed that they want to receive information about your business, they are your best audience, target demographic and are therefore most likely to buy your products and services. It makes sense to cultivate a list of your core customers.

Log subscriptions: Mailing list service providers offer an easy way to send your blog posts to your mailing-list subscribers, ensuring that they receive every update. You can track who opens and clicks your emails, targeting customers down to the hairline!

With your mailing list, you can get buyers hyped about upcoming product launches, ensuring that your most loyal customers are ready to jump on your latest services &&products.

Create a buzz: The same people that sign up to you are probably the same ones who will leave positive reviews and generate excitement about your offerings. These people are fundamental when it comes to keeping a strong social media precense.

You can increase customer loyalty offering them exclusive content which is only available to your mailing-list subscribers. It’s nice to have buyers, but it’s more valuable to have active fans!

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