What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is the most profitable way to make money online. Using a product somebody else has spent ages making and spent a lot of money building, you can receive typically no less than 50% of the sale, some of these are also monthly recurring and have tier commissions, some are high ticket and have instant payouts. As you can now imagine the rewards can get really huge.


The reason commissions are so high, is because most of these products are digital, there are companies out there that offer commission on physical products but these commissions are significantly lower. If you could get another sale on a product that has unlimited copies, or a service which is low maintenance, why would you not offer at least 50% of the profit for a new customer?


Affiliate marketing has turned a lot of average people into millionaires, the principle remains so simple. You are selling somebody elses product in return for a commission. These are tracked through affiliate links which can be obtained from individual companies or Affilate marketing platforms/marketplaces.


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The two main marketplaces for buying and selling digital products are JVZOO and Warrior+.

These marketplaces have a wide range of digital products that you can apply for a link to promote, it is very easy to apply and be accepted on these platforms. Find products or services that your target audience would benefit from.


The best products to sell are ones that will help your customer solve a problem, or provide a service that is vital for their business or hobby to succeed. For example, a monthly subscription to a service that will help them, you will get paid a big percentage every single month that customer stays with the company.


A lot of programs also have tier 2 so if your customer signs somebody up you get paid aswell.


If you want a blueprint, a step by step and guaranteed results guide, trust me this is all you need, along with perseverance and dedication to getting results.

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