Want to build a wordpress website, that won’t cost you the $300 a year upfront, on a business account for wordpress to search download and use plugins?

Look no further…. You can use wordpress for free if you want hosting you can get it for litterally nothing and still download as many plugins as you want!


Obviously some plugins you still have to pay as that’s just the normal when someone has made an amazing plugin.


To have full hosting in my method (though you can have “yourdomain.domainhoster.com” domain) for free.

It will eventually when you want to host it completely under your domain, it will cost you a measly $3/ month, which beats the $20-30/month of WordPress upgrades.


But the main point is you can build and host your website for free, using all of the features just by going through a free hosting program with a web hosting provider.

 So How did I discover this?

Well I went to go make a new WordPress site and found out that it was going to cost me a load of money up front because i couldn’t download plugins unless I upgraded my account.


I went over to YouTube and searched how to get one hosted for free because I had done this a few years back, using SQL in a free host and installing WordPress.


Anyway, this guy showed me how to do it with 000webhost, they are an “educational” version of their master company Hostinger. (you have to pay for this)


I went over to their website and discovered I could install WordPress straight away with them by the click of a button, signed into my new WordPress and started installing plugins and using all of the features.


Free hosting account details from 000webhosts website:


*** 1500 MB of disk space
*** 100 GB of data transfer
*** PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions
*** cPanel control panel
*** Website Builder
*** Absolutely no advertising!

Anyway lets get to the setting up, it takes litterally 5 minutes…


A while ago you would have to download a bunch of codes and install them inside your free hosting panel.


Now all you have to do is go to 000Webhost and click connect wordpress site.



how to build a free wordpress . org


Boom, your in simply sign into the WP admin page as pictured and go ahead and start using wordpress.


If you want to get a full hosting with 000Webhost it will cost you under $3 a month to host a domain for your wordpress site.


They are an incredible service and the support will set up everything for you, they did for me!



Step 1:

Visit 000webhost and make a new account.


When you come through go to build a website in the top left on the navigation bar.

how to build a free wordpress . org


Follow the simple instructions to get your WordPress site.


You have your own wordpress site you download all the plugins.

Remember to avoid restriction and have your own domain hosted to your wordpress site you will need to pay the $3/month from Hostinger, the more professional host.



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