How to make money on Clickbank.

I will show you how I am making money every day on Clickbank, selling other peoples digital products. There are other platforms out there to find and promote digital products but Clickbank is by far the biggest and most trusted one out there.

My name is Al Cheeseman as you probably know by now.

I am a 23 year old who lives in the UK, Im just a normal guy, who started off learning how to do these 3 steps and put them together.

With guidance and training I was able to then tighten these methods allowing me to make serious amounts of money from sending traffic (visitors) to my affiliate links (digital products).

how to make money on clickbank

I’m going to break this post down into 3 steps just so there is absolutely no confusion about how this is done.


Clickbank is a platform that hosts Digital products and allows affiliates to sell digital products and in return receive 50-100% of the sale.

Digital products are typically:

Informational E-books / Guides

Training Courses



Videos / Audio / Pictures PLR Content

how to make money online

Step 1: Decide on Interest / Niche

Whether its fitness or gardening Clickbank has Digital products for almost anything you can imagine. Decide on something you are going to enjoy and stick with it.

Step 2: Get Links for products

Find the best products to promote and simply retrieve your affiliate link. Using Networks such as Clickbank we are able to promote any products we want.

Step 3: Send visitors to your links

Send visitors to your digital product affiliate links from your websites, social media or email list.

Simply get people who are interested in the offer you have to offer, get them to click and check it out if they buy you get paid.

Now you can see how easy it is to make money online. Simply send a targeted visitor to your link and if they buy you get paid.

Of course there are ways to go about this all, which you can easily land you $5,000+ a month in your first month, just by attaching your Clickbank affiliate links, to this system.

This program will bring you from Zero to Hero within weeks, learn how to make $10,000 a money on Clickbank.

To make this possible, you need to know how to get targeted visitors and the best products to promote. Once you have these two, you will continue to print money on demand!

& to put all this together, stick your product links on websites or landing pages, you can build them with the 7 day free Builderall Trial.


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