In This Blog Post, I Will show You How To Rank Videos On YouTube Easily.


Check out how I have managed to get 900 organic autopilot views which has generated $75 so far from affiliate sales just from an informational set up video (no sales video).


Ranking videos on YouTube is really easy with the right tools and I will show you how.

You will need 2 tools you maximize your organic traffic to your videos on YouTube. This works with videos you have already posted even months ago.




(YouTube chrome extension, we will use it to see where our keywords are ranking).


Traffic Xtractor 2

(This software finds us 1000s of related keywords and tells us the competition, we can choose from 0-10)


Tool #1 You can use for free

Tool #2 You can get a 30 day money back guarantee


So the idea of tool 1 is so we can easily see in real time where our videos are ranking.

Number 2 is to completely cheat and get all of the 0 competition keywords that we can rank for that get 100,000 searches a month (this is an underestimate).


You are going to have to just trust me with this setup. If you really can’t get #2 tools then I will show you a way to manually do it, which will take ages and you won’t find half of the golden keywords, but on the positive side it will at least allow you to rank some keywords.


Once you have finished following this page, you will know exactly how to rank YouTube videos, easily and to get the most traffic on autopilot possible!


Step 1:

Download TubeBuddy Chrome Extension + Use For Free

(Optional Upgrades For More Features)


Step 2:

Get Access To + Download Traffic Xtractor 2  

Once you have done both steps, we can now start to rank our new or old videos.


Open tool #1 TubeBuddy chrome extension, sign up or in if you already have made an account.


Go to your video that has already been uploaded, or hang on a second if you are about to upload it and are adding tags.


You should see that next to your tags there are green numbers like this.


how to rank videos on youtube


That is TubeBuddy telling us where you rank for these keywords so we can improve our YouTube SEO ranking.


If you go to the search bar and type in a relevant or exact of what you are trying to rank for, Tubebuddy will bring back some competition and traffic/month stats.


Tool #2 Traffic Xtractor 2 will make this a hell of a lot easier for you, but you can get a few stats and find low competition keywords, it just takes forever and is not as accurate as the Traffic Software.



(In my opinion and I’ve used them all).

rank videos youtube

As you can see that is January 15th 2018 and it’s now been 13 days since I uploaded this video of me setting up a software called FollowAdder has made me $75 in commission doing jack sh(t.


I used this tool to instantly find the keywords I could rank for and in under 2 weeks I have gained almost 900 views, I haven’t even promoted this video, it was purely free traffic!

And so far, it has made me $75!


Here is some proof of traffic and sales!




So now you can see how easy it is to generate traffic having these two simple tools and turn cold traffic from YouTube.


Visit Traffic Xtractor 2, to find it for the best price (30 day moneyback guarantee).


Go ahead and access the tool, download and launch.


Read the setup instructions this takes 10 minutes and then join me on the next step.




Okay, so now you’ve made it this far, let’s move on to the serious traffic.


Once you set up and connected your accounts, you can then proceed to searching for a keyword as you can see i have results relevant to the keyword i searched for a test which was “youtube”.


This is a screenshot of the software with search results.

how to rank videos on youtube

As you can see tons of keywords with over 100k searches, great! Now we need to find the 0 competition ones (easy to rank).

how to rank videos on youtube software


Hit get competition and you’ll get back the difficulty of every keyword, simply filter out the results for 0-2 let’s say and you will see all of the highest search volume with the lowest competition.


traffic xtractor 2 youtube software


Use the “apply filter” to easily see zero competition keywords and the highest search volume.


BOOM! There we are, loads of keywords you can target to get traffic on autopilot. The keyword “youtube” isn’t very broad that is why the software returned random results, this is just to give you an idea what the software does. Imagine typing in the keywords YOU want to target and ranking on page 1 just a few minutes later?


This works for videos you have already uploaded, the older the video if you switch the tags and keywords it doesn’t rank as well as a fresh or popular video, the less effective. I start off ranking easy ones and then try harder ones as I get results back of my position from Tubebuddy.


As your SEO starts to tighten and youtube starts recommending you more, your will start to climb the rankings and notice the green numbers next to your tags get smaller, this is your video authority rank climbing.


You can then start to rank for higher competition keywords, though you don’t need to as this software will literally pick out all of the 0 comp and you get traffic on autopilot!


If you haven’t already, get access to the Traffic Xtractor 2 Software and start ranking for Zero competition keywords before someone else does!



Important Tools:


Traffic Xtractor 2

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