Want To Make Money Online Now?

Sure I can show you exactly how to make money online now and you can do this for free if you have time on your hands…

how to make money online now

I’m not saying you’ll get rich, but with a small amount of effort you can make a few extra bux online! If you are dedicated then this usually starts to go up and the possibilities are endless.

You can learn how to do anything with the right guidance.


This blog post relates to Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing online is selling someone else’s product through your own affiliate link and when a sale is made you are paid 50%+ Per sale. You can also be compensated when you get a “free signup’ or Opt in. This is called pay per lead.


There are load of guides out there you’d have to dig through and put together all of the information im about to just tell you…


So right now your probably thinking either:


I know exactly what you are talking about Al, but I have failed lots of times trying to find ways to make money from affiliate marketing.


I have never heard of affiliate marketing and didn’t know you can get paid promoting links and get paid when a sale or lead is made.


Either way, experienced or not you can make money online promoting digital products through a link you can get from a reliable Network.


Then all you have to do is share your link with people interested in the thing you are promoting.

EASY – Takes a lot of time but can still make money (100s)

Your on Facebook right?


You can post a link to a product related to a group or page on Facebook.

how to make money online now

For example a weight loss program in a fit lifestyle page or group.


Grab a link for a product you fancy promoting.

These are anything from E-books/digital services to free samples and physical products.


Build a rapport with people and add active members of groups to talk about your products, this is an easy way to close a sale when you get the chance.


Regularly post  statuses related to your chosen products, engage with your status likers and commenters.


When I said I can show you how to make money online now, this is mainly what I was referring to.


A quick way to grab a link to a product and present it to a relevant audience using Facebook or any other social media, if a sale is made you get commission, remember we can also get paid per lead when they sign up for free. (Programs and networks differ).

Kind Of Easy – A little more effort but works very well (100s)

Member of a forum?

Grab a link for a digital product which suits your general audience.

Put it in your signature and engage on forums, being helpful and giving good advice.

Remember to read the rules for circumstances you can just post your links making helpful topics.

how to make money online now

A Bit More Complicated – The way to make Thousands (1000s)

  1. Without this part, you are losing around 90% of your efforts posting your links.
  2. (make sure you read and understand this, leave a comment if you are unsure of anything)

Imagine getting those clickers to click on your links time and time again, you are missing out if you aren’t capturing their email address contact!


how to make money online now


Get a sign up page with an email list provider so that you can capture your link visitors email address, before you send them straight to your Affiliate Link for the product you are promoting.


They say someone has to see a product at least 8 times on average before they buy.

Crazy Right?


This is where we can get them clicking and coming back, you can start to imagine how you can use this to your advantage and make more money.


Proceed to send them emails reminding them of the product they showed interest in, the rewards of building an email list are endless.


How To Make Money Online Now: Remember the first few examples were the simple, easy and inefficient ways, but they do generate money and you can do it straight away. There are just ways of tightening your business model to get the most out of the time you spend promoting your links.


Send emails to your subscribers and make sales every day by reaching out to them with their ideal product whenever you want.


Email Marketing is easy, just like affiliate marketing you are sending people to your link. But this time you are capturing their email address to send them to that link or whatever you want, as many times as you want!


You know, there are tons of ways you can promote your links and earn thousands and thousands of dollars online.


You can start making money online now with small amounts and very soon scale this up with all of the strategies out there.


All you need, is a good solid course that will take you from A-Z with close support so that you can start printing money on demand with affiliate marketing! (And a Mentor)


Join This Master Course To Duplicate A Master System ($10,000 A Month)


Trust me, that has EVERYTHING you need to make ($10,000). You will discover everything and how to make serious money from affiliate marketing.


Thanks for reading, I hope you make the most of that one.

Leave a comment if you need anything!

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