NameCheap Domains + Free Domain Privacy.

This site saves 100s on domains if you buy a lot of them, although domain cost is very low compared to the return on your business, starting out can be hard so I recommend this for NEWBIES!

I use domains for all kinds of things, my own digital products, affiliate campaigns and money making websites.

Each domain I pay less than $1 per year for and I get FREE domain privacy for lifetime.

Though my digital products and affiliate commissions make a lot of money and I don’t really care about the cost of the domain, Its also how easy the Namecheap configuration is to use as well as the value.

Newbies will love this!

So How do I get this?

Using Namecheap!

Namecheap is hands down the best value for money, you can get some domains which retail on other sites such as go daddy for less than a dollar, on go daddy they are seen as high as $70 per year. Not to mention you have to buy domain privacy which can get very annoying if you are starting out and trying to cut back your spending.

Watch my tutorial below and I’ll show you how easy it is to use.


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