How To Make Money Online Without Selling Anything

Hey! Welcome back to my blog, you are here because you’re looking for the secret of affiliate marketing and the truth behind all of the hard work and struggle.

Let me show you how to make money online without selling ANYTHING AT ALL.

Sounds impossible?

Well it’s not, you can earn big fat juicy affiliate commissions without having to send emails or do the “selling”.

Let me tell you a big secret.

So there are systems out there, that enable you to add your affiliate links for top products into their autoresponder and high converting funnel.

These have training videos that train people inside getting them to buy the products using your affiliate link so you get the sale!


I’ll be introducing them in just a second… and some nice proof along with it.

So I want to just remind you what this means for you.

It means you cut out all the:

  1. Selling of Products
  2. Writing emails
  3. Autoresponder optimising
  4. Converting Traffic

These systems will give you pre-sale pages giving away a “free” product.

All you have to do is give away something for free, then the system will continue to promote to that subscriber paid products using your affiliate link!

Genius huh?

Your probably now thinking, ME ME ME how do I do this?

Well luckily for you I am willing to share it all, for free!

SO lets take a look at system number 1

Covert Commissions

This system is designed by one of the top affiliate marketers around. It has products from JVZOO, Clickbank & Warriorplus, the “offers” are the highest converting on the market.

They are carefully selected and you can apply for the affiliate links, get accepted 100% and then add them into your system.

You can then go ahead and select the “free” offers which you will be giving away front end, then once the subscriber opts in they are in your system and Covert Commissions high converting autoresponder.

how to make money online without selling anything
how to make money online without selling anything

Just check out some of the results for these specific “free giveaways” & the follows up emails done by the system.

Well thought out and tested Emails promoting the paid products with your affiliate links get sent out 3-4 times a week. Meaning that you are getting passive sales as the Pro’s are converting your traffic for you!

How amazing is that?

If your thinking, Al I want in right now! Then all you have to do is sign up here and start profiting, its that easy. This works and there is no BS, why not give it a go, there is no risk involved with this one.

Access Covert Commissions NOW!

So you probably thought that was it?

Well it’s not, here comes system number 2!

That’s not the only one I use. There is an even higher ticket, done for you funnel which will relentlessly promote your affiliate links. This will be landing you up to $2000 per sales + $200 in monthly recurring commissions.

The funnel is a step by step training and set up. Where my good friend David will take your “Free signups” through a very high converting video series.

Each step has free and paid products inside, which all lead to high ticket and monthly commissions.

Want in? Check this one out right now!

When I came across this system I thought, yeah too good to be true. But it’s not, lets be honest you can sit there and think what you like.

But you won’t know the facts until you try. Using someone else funnel and salesman / video sequence when they are locked into a members area.This is the easiest way & truly genius. Hop on and make yourself some JUICY commissions.

There is not a better way to explode your affiliate marketing business, when I first joined Funnel X within weeks I earned well over $4000 from commissions.

Just check out some of this cold hard proof.

how to make money online with no selling
how to make money online with no selling

The products that get promoted inside Funnel X are industry well known and they have quality and are useful for your marketing too.

how to make money online with no selling
how to make money online with no selling

One of which will improve your lifestyle as well as your bank account!

I want you to give this one a look, because if you set BOTH of these up, you’ll be earning well over $10,000 a month by the time you’ve got it on lock down.

Covert commissions is great for regular and future commissions. Whilst the email sequences do the selling for you.

Funnel X is great for those INSTANT and HUGE commissions.

You can decide which one you want to follow, or both!

If you sign up to them for free clicking these links below, I will be sending you some incredible FREE bonuses. You will receive these once you have signed up, but you must use my links or you will not get the automatic email.

Sign up for Covert Commissions and Funnel X here.

I can’t wait to hear from you and help you make some serious, passive income!

If you are lost & looking for support, sign up for free using my links and then send me a message on Facebook.

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