Eyeslick Review A Product By Cindy Donovan

Eyeslick is a brand new, revolutionary software brought to you by the awesome Cindy Donovan.

What’s up everyone, its Al Cheeseman here. Im about to reveal to you the ins and outs of the brand new software which is blowing minds of marketers as we speak. There has been nothing ever seen like this before and quite frankly it is a fantastic opportunity to bag extra cash from your online efforts.

Check out the EyeSlick Software NOW! I’m giving a way a copy of my free traffic software if you pick it up here!

EyeSlick is a new video social platform that has built in e-com functions. 

Users can stream live video from their PC, or from our iTunes/Playstore or they can upload pre-recorded videos and even import from YouTube

Users can make money by selling physical or digital products on their channels with ease. Or even just provide content and get paid when users donate to them! This is a very similar thing to Patreon and Twitch. 

EyeSlick Review Demo

Check out the EyeSlick Software NOW!

With Eyeslick you will obtain licenses and have the option to:
– Activate your own e-com, paid traffic (which is funded by EyeSlick) video channels!
– You can then sell and/or give licenses away!

As a launch special/bonus Cindy is allowing you to get agency access.

So you can give away your channels and earn 5% royalties on every single sale that the channel creator earns! From any way that the user decides to monetise their channel!

The awesome guys at EyeSlick are limiting sales to 10,000, once they are gone they are gone! This is going to be huge. Did you know they invest $1M of funding into free ads for you?

EyeSlick Review
EyeSlick Review

Check out the EyeSlick Software NOW!

So lets take a look at the features of EyeSlick and what you will get.

Check out the EyeSlick Software NOW!

[+] Real Time Marketing Video

Check out the EyeSlick Software NOW!

They could do anything like deal:
* High paying, exclusive damaging information live stream video to a news network
* Affiliate marketing or networking marketing online webinars
* One-on-one with a PT or fitness trainer
* Small group coaching or mentoring collection
* Personal physical fitness or business training sessions
* Team or public or personal webinars streaming
* Personal buyer solutions or showing your E-com items
* Realty sellers showing homes with a real-time video walkthrough

[+] Uploading and Selling As Many Clips As You Want!

Check out the EyeSlick Software NOW!

* Portray anything, post existing videos or training materials and a fee for the accessibility (or you can develop your business as well as offer for free!).
* Create and sell item evaluations to one person (which means exclusive legal rights), or to a number of people!
* Get exposure for video training courses individuals can then take and market for themselves!
* Sell stock or royalty free video clips.

[+] Receiving Contributions.

You can also register visitors for giveaways similar to Patreon!

EyeSlick Review
EyeSlick Review

Check out the EyeSlick Software NOW!

If you have any questions about EyeSlick, you can contact me on my Facebook Page Here!


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