5 Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Affiliate Links

1: Post In Facebook Groups

5 Ways To Get Free Traffic

Join 50 facebook groups in your niche and post in them each once a day. Make sure to look out for these groups to be active. You can see if they are active by the number of unread posts in that group, or posts per day as stated.

2: Shout for Shout On Instagram

5 Ways To Get Free Traffic

This one is challenging but when you build up a list of people who will regularly do shout for shout outs on Instagram you can easily get new followers and fresh traffic every other day.

3: Joining Forums

5 Ways To Get Free Traffic

On forums there is a signature section, which is left underneath every comment or post that you post. You can put your link in this with a call to action. If you are active and providing value to that community, posting replies and helpful information etc. You can easily get tons of free engaged traffic to your links.

4: Ranking Your Videos On Youtube:

5 ways to get free traffic

This one is getting increasingly more tough as the months go by.

However there are still tons of long-tale keywords which you can take over. Creating videos is without doubt the easiest way to get traffic to your links.

Everyone loves watching a video and you can pack a thousand works into a few minutes. Heres 4 important things you need to follow when making a video and posting on YouTube.

Choose your keywords, you can find out the keyword competition by using a tool called VIDIQ.

1: Put your keywords in your video title, first line of description and a few times throughout the description.

2: Have outgoing links such as ones to your social media in description and don’t forget to put tags too.

3: Try to make your videos at least 10 minutes long

4: Also have an attractive thumbnail.

Follow these rules and you will get a much better chance of ranking. Remember, the longer the keyword the easier it is to rank in general, unless you can be the first to rank for a new short keyword.


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