How To Avoid Being Banned On Pinterest When Running Automation Software.

how to avoid ban on Pinterest
Avoid Ban On Pinterest


Make sure your profile looks genuine. You have a profile picture and a bio about yourself.


Do not leave spam comments such as “nice”, “great one” and also do not do too many duplicates.


Create nice genuine pins, you can do this using for free. Don’t make your pins look like your trying to hard to get people to click your links etc.


Do not spam your link or opportunity in direct message. Instead put nice messages like, thank you for following me I hope you like my pins. This will encourage people to reply to your Dm’s, so you can take them off the platform to talk about the opportunity you have to offer.


Avoid domains such as .host, .club. For best results and not have your links blocked build a website using a landing page / website builder and use a .com domain.

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