How to make $100 a day online with affiliate marketing.

So in this blog post I will take you through 3 steps to making $100 a day online, it’s really simple stuff!

Step 1: Select A Free Traffic Source

My top pics for free traffic are SEO blogs, Social Media & Viral Systems.

So here’s what you do.

1: Make An Account On Any of These Social Medias

2: Fill It With Content & Your Link In Bio

3: Run a software which will automate this all for you. I have a range of tools which work nicely and you can access them from the list here:

These are EXTREME, I’ll show you a screenshot of my results later on in this blog post.

Viral Traffic Syndication Software

Viral Traffic Platform Generator

You can also join my Mastermind group, but hurry because I’m closing this for free soon. As you guys have requested me to open an intensive insider course with traffic tools and guaranteed profit for $97/PM.

Anyway, moving on…

Step 2: Create A Blog Or Website which has a sign up page

This is mega easy and I’ve already made you a video explaining how to do it. Check it out below! You will need to give away “free” stuff to your potential leads to persuade them to sign up to you! Check out this awesome list software, it gives out free software to encourage sign ups!

Sign Up For A 7 Day Free Trial With Builderall.

Get the cheapest domain names for your website at Namecheap.

With your social media accounts you can spread your signup page links and get results like these.

how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing
how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing

You can connect up your email autoresponder to gather leads from your website in Builderall. I am using hAweber which have a 30 day free trial and lots of training and great customer support.

Step 3: Engage with visitors and send out your affiliate links for products.

Ok so, now you are getting subscribers on your website to your linked up email list, you need to start engaging with them and promoting offers.

The main objective here is to provide value and teach your list things that they are interested in. Then once a week you send them out a promotional email sequence and you will notice people start to buy what you have to offer.

Here’s an example of an email sequence which works very well:

how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing
how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing

So, now you have a traffic source (social media accounts). You have a webpage they can visit and sign up with their email onto your list.

You can now look for affiliate links for products which are relevant to your sign ups. Let me show you the best marketplace to find products to apply to promote.


Here’s what your dashboard could look like, these are some of my recent results.

how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing
how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing

You can also join my Mastermind group, where you can find in depth information about all of this stuff. I am working on a membership intensive course with free tools inside. If you join now you will get in for free when it launches.

If you want to get started right away for less than 20$, learning more about this kind of system, list building galore. You can try out this, it’s golden!

If you are more experienced but are looking for a traffic system to get you going making money now, you may want to try out this.

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