In this blog post I will explain sales funnels and if you have no idea how to get one.

I’ll let you in on a secret to deploying your very own high converting sales funnel in 60 seconds!

You’re on this post because you’ve probably tried to make money online.

You’re looking for a business to join or trying out lots of different methods for making money with affiliate marketing.

Well the secret is sales funnels.

Why should someone trust you because you sent them a link? Why should they trust that what you have will benefit them?

Without a landing page, a thank you page and an email followup sequence, your online efforts are wasted.

You’ll simply be sending clicks to your “opportunities” without building a list which is a long term customer base. You are literally throwing away thousands of dollars not following the golden process all professional marketers follow.

We all use sales funnels

Imagine this right… a visitor comes onto your affiliate link, they aren’t interested and they close the page right away.

Now, think about this. You give them the opportunity to enter their email address, which sends them onto the paid opportunity you are trying to close sales for.

Boost affiliate conversions by 500% online

You now have 2 things.

Their email address, so you can contact them whenever you want.

how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing
Boost affiliate conversions by 500% online

Their attention and warmed up to click that buy button.

Now why do we need to send them an automatic email sequence?

how to make $100 a day online affiliate marketing
Boost affiliate conversions by 500% online

Did you know, most people don’t buy a product first time. It’s a proven fact that it takes someone at least 5 views of a product to make the decision to purchase.

This means you must send them that same product a few times before they will buy it. Now you have their email address and they are in the funnel, you stand a much higher chance of closing a sale!

You’re probably sat here thinking, how the hell do I learn how to create a sales funnel and email sequence that will make my audience buy?

Well, I’ve got a special treat for you which will boost your earnings by up to 500%

how to make money online without selling anything
Boost affiliate conversions by 500% online

It’s no coincidence you have bumped into this blog post. You are actively seeking knowledge and opportunity and it’s time to take action on this.

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