How To Make Serious Money Giving Things Away For Free.

What’s up everyone, here’s another valuable blog post for you, which could make you a ton of money.

So, when I first started out in 2014. I must’ve missed this catch for a solid 6 months.


I learned a golden method, which is pretty self explanatory.

Want to know what that was?

Give things away for free & you will profit.

Sounds contradicting huh? Well, you see the trick is the more you give the more you receive. (I’m sure you’ve heard that one before)

Well its no BS! And you can do this online, simply give away valuable things and next time they will pay you for something. It’s that EASY!

Since I used this giving away value technique, I went from $15 a day online to $150 a day, and this was back in 2014…

So I bet by now your dying to know how I did it right?

So here is the trick… You offer your audience a free guide or video course which you can easily obtain. There are lots of people out there who offer a free front end product which have paid upsells.

So what do you do?

You get these products which have a free front entry and you tell your audience to “get this amazing thing for free”.

They download it for free and then they enter the sales funnel, since they got this thing for free they are much more inclined to buy the upsell. If they don’t buy the upsell right away, you and the product owner can email them until they do!


Exactly, so let me spell it out for you, here’s an example…

The Free Affiliate Marketing Guide

So as you can see, here is the “Free guide” page. This page will be provided by the vendor of the product which will have your affiliate link on it.

When the person opts in they will be taken to a page where they can find their free guide & a paid upsell, which they may purchase and you get commission.

If they do not buy right away, the product owner will continue to email them using your affiliate link and if the lead buys you will be credited.


I know, like I said it took me 6 months to even realise this.

The only catch is, you need to know where to get these “freebie funnels”. Well guess what? I’ve got you covered as always.

You can find a library full of free products to give away with attached funnels that will be credited to your links right here.

Wait, not so fast! Theres more… If you decide to go ahead and get access to offering freebies and profiting unfairly.

Because I’m partners with the creator, I’ll give you a traffic software free of charge.

Ok now you can go ahead and sieze the opportunity!

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